What’s it all about?

Posted: 20th July 2008

Thanks for reading my first post on Brilliant Business Books. I’m very excited about starting a new blog. The main thrust of the blog is going to be reviews of the business-related books that I read. You’ve not doubt heard the phrase ‘prolific writer’, well I’m a ‘prolific reader’. I read a lot. And because I run a business a lot of the books I read are on a business theme.

That’s what it’s about, but what’s the point? What contribution will ‘yet another blog’ make? Well, I genuinely hope that my ramblings will help others in a similar position to us. I’m striving for continual improvement – of my own skills in the hope that it will have a positive impact on our business. Maybe this will strike a cord with you so join in and let me know what you think – it would be lovely to have some company.

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