Week two of marketing program

Posted: 9th August 2010

I’m now into week two of my 28-day marketing program and I’m pleased to say that I’m still going strong. Feeling pretty pleased with myself actually. The program has helped give me the right mindset so I’m making the most of all the opportunities that come my way. And there is something very satisfying about working through my list of actions each day – individually the actions probably aren’t that mindblowing, but working through them consistently each day definitely adds up to something.

I’ve got two successes which I’m particularly pleased about – a potential new client from one of the networking events I went to last week (don’t want to speak too soon but it’s looking very promising) and a press release accepted by Business Cornwall, Cornwall’s business magazine – I only sent it to them this morning and it’s already on their website (New premises for design companies). Fingers crossed it generates some interest for us and our chum Neil.

So, a good start to the week and lots of enthusiasm for my marketing activities. Can’t wait for breakfast at Cape Cornwall in the morning.

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