Week three of marketing program

Posted: 16th August 2010

I’m starting week three of my marketing program today. Last week I didn’t keep on top of my daily actions as much as I would have liked. The week certainly wasn’t a complete write-off, but there was one day when it really didn’t happen. So, I need to start this week with renewed energy. Anyone got any spare energy they can lend me?

Overall I’m definitely feeling the benefit of following the program, it’s providing me with structure for my marketing activities and a means of tracking results. Results so far are very encouraging. I’m beginning to get a feel for which of my daily actions are most effective, and which I could probably replace with something else. For example, going to a couple of networking events each week I’m sure is doing me some good, but the online networking I do every day isn’t very successful. It’s not that I’m expecting instant results from it, it’s just that I’m not really feeling like I’m engaging with anyone at all. Actually, writing this makes me realise that it’s not necessarily the activity that is a problem, but that I need to improve how I go about it. I’d better give some thought to that and see if I can turn it around over the next couple of weeks.

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