That feeling of dread

Posted: 11th November 2008

Why does the thought of doing a presentation fill me with such dread? I know I’m not the only person in the world who’s not keen on public speaking but I wish I felt happier about it. I’ve done heaps of reading and given myself many pep talks but I still seize up at the very thought of it. I’d love to be one of those people who just stand up in front of a group and talk naturally, taking it all in their stride (though I guess they don’t necessarily feel as cool as they come across).

This topic has come up because we’re doing a talk on Thursday. We’re down for a full hour but the talk itself won’t need to be as long as that as we need to leave time for questions. Turns out I’m going to do the talky bit and my partner is going to control the powerpoint (if we manage to get hold of some equipment in time that is).

I forced myself to draft out the talk on Sunday and so am going to spend some time revising it today and preparing index cards so I’m not just reading it all out. Am feeling nervous even writing about it here. How pathetic am I?

I’m down to do a workshop in presentation skills in a few weeks, so hopefully that will help with my confidence. And this is something I definitely need help with!

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