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Another event, another tourist attraction

I went to another conference-type-event on Wednesday. This time it was the annual promotional event for Cornwall College Business, held at Pendennis Castle in Falmouth. Another fantastic venue for an event, order shame it was such horrible weather. The theme of this year’s event was basically courses that the college are running – we had […]

Continuing professional development … but what?

Following the web conference yesterday, I’m all fired up for working on my continuing professional development. But there’s so much that I could cover, what should I concentrate on? Should I concentrate on the business side of things and do some reading up on how to improve the business, or should I focus on my […]

Another full-on day

I survived another full-on day on the management course. 9-5 with very little let-up. Yesterday’s session was on problem solving and decision making. We went through some decision making models, which was interesting because I’d done some of that on another business course I did last year but most of the models we covered were […]

Definitely not in my comfort zone

Well that was quite a week. I’m pleased to say that the presentation went smoothly and we’ve already had a number of enquiries as a result of it so it’s really looking like it was worthwhile. It did rather dominate the week though. I spent the first part of the week frantically preparing for it […]

Round-up of last week

Eek, I hadn’t realised it was so long since I last posted. My excuse is that it was an incredibly busy week last week. The management course on Tuesday turned out to be worth going to, despite being a bit too full-on. Turns out we’ll be working towards two qualifications and there’s a lot of […]

Off to another course

After a start to the week that was no less frantic than the end of last, I’m not sure whether I’m pleased to be out at a course all day today or wishing that I was able to stay in the office and keep on top of things. Last night I was seriously considering giving […]

Not a great start to the week

I had the second instalment of the Managing Your Finances course today. I’m trying hard to think of something positive to say about it but unfortunately I think it may have been a wasted day. I can’t say that I learnt very much at all. That’s not to say that the course was badly taught […]

Not quite what I was expecting

I was on a course all day on Monday. It was ‘Managing Your Finances’ and what I (and the other course members) were expecting were some practical tips on managing finance in a business context – budgeting, site forecasting, records you need to keep etc. I knew it wasn’t going to be a bookkeeping course […]

An ok seminar

I went to a Business Link seminar this morning. Yep, they actually held an event in my area! It was on ‘online trading’ which sounded like a reasonably general subject and something that I could pick up some tips on. Actually it turned out to be for a very specific audience – shops who want […]

Bureaucracy gone bonkers

I went to a seminar last night. It was on intellectual property and ecommerce law. Very useful stuff, if a bit dry and powerpointy. The most memorable thing about the evening though (apart from the crunchy chocolatey thing in the buffet) was the form filling. It was a 2 hour seminar but preceded by 30 […]