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Great time management article

Just found this great article on time management by TentBlogger: My Time Management 101. Definitely worth a read. Every now and then I try categorising my tasks as: Urgent & Important Urgent & Not Important Not Urgent But Important Not Urgent & Not Important but end up with everything being ‘Urgent & Imporant’ or ‘Not […]

I’ve broken the rules

I have a confession. I couldn’t even make it through one full week of the new time management system before I felt the need to make changes to it. That’s not playing by the rules is it? The thing is that I wasn’t feeling comfortable that I was tackling the most important jobs. Yes, I […]

More on time management

Today was day three of my new time management system. I’m at the stage now where in some ways I’m feeling really good about it and others less so. Good because it’s making me deal with some tasks which have been waiting to be done for ages. On the other hand I’m sure my active […]

Day 1 of Autofocus V. 4

Would it be terrible of me to admit that I’ve been really enjoying trying out the Autofocus time management system? Maybe I should get out more… Last night I set it up at home and this morning I started putting it into practice at work. I really like the methodical approach – I haven’t been […]

Can’t resist a new time management system

It’s true, I just can’t help myself. Whilst looking through the resources section of the site to check that all the links are still current (a job I still have to finish) I got distracted by Mark Forster’s blog on time management and in particular his Autofocus V. 4 system. Time management is one of […]

Need more time!

Another week whizzed by. Absolutely chocka-block with work at the moment. If I had more time I’d be reading up on time management … and a bit of stress management thrown in. I’m working really hard at planning each day and week to keep on top of everything. I think it’s working to a certain […]

Very satisfying day

For once I’m not going to complain about not having a productive day or not getting through as much as I’d wanted. Today was a good day! I planned out my day carefully, choosing A, B and C tasks for the day (A being essential, B desirable and C nice to get done) and worked […]

All in the planning?

Following on from my post yesterday, I actually found it very easy to do my allocated 4-hours billable work today. Why are some days easier than others I wonder? Maybe less interruptions or maybe it was all in the planning. The last thing I did yesterday afternoon was plan out what what work I would […]

Wasting my time?

I had a bit of a revelation at the weekend. I worked out what our turnover would be if we both did 4 hours of billable work a day at our standard hourly rate. Bit of a shock because it was around three times what we are actually bringing in. That’s not good is it? […]

Back into the swing of things

Poor neglected blog. I disappeared into a black hole time-wise last week as we had a visit from my parents. Just about managed to keep on top of things in between spending time with the folks and had a massive catch-up session on Friday. Back into it properly this week. I’ve had a good start […]