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Relaxed on the inside?

How’s this for achieving relaxation inside and out? Last night I downloaded a guided relaxation recording to help me sleep. It was doing really well – had started at my feet and worked up to my head and I was really beginning to feel the benefit. And then the narrator started on the internal organs […]

Been on holiday … to Cornwall

Are you ready for a bit of a sob story? We had a holiday to Spain planned this week. It was going to be our first trip abroad for about five years. My parents flew out a few days before and we were to join them on Tuesday for some serious relaxation. But … the […]

Knowing when to stop

I actually stopped work at 6 today. Problem is I’ve got so used to working all the time that I’m not sure what to do with myself. I know I’d like to chill out but seem to have forgotten how. Silly Emily.

Live to work / work to live

My work/life balance seems to be non-existent this week. Early mornings and late nights are what I seem to be up to. Just forcing myself to stop work for the day. It’s not good to work this late, especially when I was up at 6.30, but I did get one of those jobs done that […]

Some time to myself

I found myself getting up at 8.30 this morning thinking that it was going to be 11ish. I guess I haven’t adapted to the lighter mornings yet. It was good to have a head-start on the day. I spent the morning preparing the first draft of the presentation I have to do for my management […]

Time out

Having some time out this weekend. We ended up taking yesterday off which was very chilled out. Part of me is thinking I should be doing some catching up today and the other part is going ‘nah, it’s the weekend just relax’. Think it’s the second part that is winning. Might do a bit of […]

Off to a good start

Well, I think it’s fair to say that I’m off to a good start with my 90-day plan. I was up at 6am this morning and did my yoga DVD … not very flexible at all so definitely need a bit more of that. Apart from that I’ve got most of the things ticked off […]

Taking my own advice

After feeling a decided lack of oomph when I got up this morning I decided to take my own advice and did Tip 10 from my 10 tips for staying motivated – I gave myself a break. I decided that if I got through as much as I could before lunch time that I could […]