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Am I a control freak?

For most of last week I was suffering with a nasty cold. I spent most of the time curled up with my duvet and laptop trying to keep on top of work. Probably should have given myself a break but if there’s work to do there’s work to do. Now, I’m pretty much better but […]

All in the planning?

Following on from my post yesterday, I actually found it very easy to do my allocated 4-hours billable work today. Why are some days easier than others I wonder? Maybe less interruptions or maybe it was all in the planning. The last thing I did yesterday afternoon was plan out what what work I would […]

Wasting my time?

I had a bit of a revelation at the weekend. I worked out what our turnover would be if we both did 4 hours of billable work a day at our standard hourly rate. Bit of a shock because it was around three times what we are actually bringing in. That’s not good is it? […]

End of a busy week

What a relief to have reached the weekend. It’s been a bit of a frantic week for us – lots of work on but lots of meetings as well. Got a bit fraught at times but have come to the end feeling like we’ve achieved quite a lot. One of the themes of the week […]

Project Naggagement

This is my favourite new phrase – apparently that’s what I do, not project management but project naggagement. I guess it doesn’t say much for my management technique if I just come across as naggy, but I think it’s a brilliant phrase anyway.

How do you divide your work time?

How does everyone divide their time between working directly on client stuff and business development? It’s a constant battle for me. If we’re really busy then the business gets pushed to one side and all my focus goes on client projects. But it’s important to work on the business too, isn’t it? Need to make […]

Why is nothing ever simple?

Do you ever wonder why things aren’t ever just simple? You need to do something and if you do x, y and z then it’s done, ticked off your list, on to the next thing. OK, sometimes they are. But sometimes (and I’ve just had one of those days) things just seem to keep getting […]

Grappling with project management

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could get a spec for a project and just work through it until it’s done? Nice and simple, sales begin at the beginning and end at the end. Unfortunately, it rarely happens like that does it? What I’m grappling with at the moment is how to deal with projects […]