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BBB mentioned on podcast

I was having a listen to the latest SmallBizPod podcast today and was thrilled to hear Brilliant Business Books mentioned. Thanks Alex! I was also interested to hear the first book review sent in by a reader. It was a brilliant review of The New Philanthropists by Charles and Elizabeth Handy. Sounds like an interesting […]

Are you in the zone?

Whilst doing working today I was listening back through some old podcasts and came across a brilliant one about working from home which I had forgotten about. Actually it’s not that old – only from June this year. It’s one of Mind Your Own Business’s and is called Staying in the Zone. It’s a great […]

Small business podcasts

When I’m working on a task that doesn’t take too much brain-power I like to listen to some podcasts aimed at small businesses. Here’s a couple of my favourites: SmallBizPod: Business Podcast for Entrepreneurs, online business owners and start up businesses Mind Your Own Business: Business Podcast for Entrepreneurs, business owners and start up businesses […]