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Can’t resist a new time management system

It’s true, I just can’t help myself. Whilst looking through the resources section of the site to check that all the links are still current (a job I still have to finish) I got distracted by Mark Forster’s blog on time management and in particular his Autofocus V. 4 system. Time management is one of […]

A more positive start to the year

When I blogged yesterday I think I was feeling a bit disparaged by what I’d discovered in our finances. It’s certainly not all bad but let’s say there’s definitely room for improvement. I often get frustrated by the feeling that we’re not moving forward – I work incredibly hard but the business can feel like […]

Staying positive

I find myself starting this week with some trepidation. It just feels like there’s so much to get through and with me being out at my course all day tomorrow I’m not sure how I’m going to manage it. Got to stay positive and just work through it all as efficiently as I can. I […]

The problem with feeling motivated at the weekend…

… is that it can drain all your energy for the following week. OK, maybe not the whole week, but I’ve been feeling a bit flat today – think I used up too much of my oomph on the business planning yesterday. It’s difficult sometimes because you want to do stuff while you feel inspired, […]

A motivated weekend

I’ve got a good dose of motivation this weekend – feeling full of energy and enthusiasm. Maybe not the best thing if I was hoping for a chilled-out relaxed weekend, but great for tackling some business planning. In fact I got up nice and early this morning to have a head-start on it. What am […]

Feel-good moment

Isn’t it great when you feel appreciated for what you do? It’s not like I sit around feeling unappreciated by our clients because they don’t tell me they love me every day, but it is rather nice to be told you’ve done a good job, isn’t it? That’s what happened to us today. We’d just […]

Are you in the zone?

Whilst doing working today I was listening back through some old podcasts and came across a brilliant one about working from home which I had forgotten about. Actually it’s not that old – only from June this year. It’s one of Mind Your Own Business’s and is called Staying in the Zone. It’s a great […]

Off to a good start

Well, I think it’s fair to say that I’m off to a good start with my 90-day plan. I was up at 6am this morning and did my yoga DVD … not very flexible at all so definitely need a bit more of that. Apart from that I’ve got most of the things ticked off […]

Taking my own advice

After feeling a decided lack of oomph when I got up this morning I decided to take my own advice and did Tip 10 from my 10 tips for staying motivated – I gave myself a break. I decided that if I got through as much as I could before lunch time that I could […]

10 tips for staying motivated when working from home

Below are my top ten tips for keeping yourself motivated if you work from home. They are all things which I try to practice myself, some more successfully than others. I’ve picked the tips up over time from various places – books, seminars, and from the experience of keeping myself motivated. 1. Regular working hours […]