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That light bulb moment

Inspiration is a funny thing isn’t it? Sometimes you can’t get hold of it however hard you try and sometimes it just comes to you. Maybe that’s it, search maybe inspiration is something that you can’t force, maybe you just have to let it happen. Last night I was trying to think of a subject […]

10 characteristics of brilliant business books

One of the things that I enjoy about writing this blog is that it reminds me how many brilliant books there are out there (and sitting on my bookshelf). That has got me thinking about what makes a brilliant business book. So, here’s my list of 10 characteristics, in no particular order: 1. Pleasure to […]

Start of another 90 days of brilliance

One of my favourite ‘sorting your life out’ books is How to Be Brilliant by Michael Heppell. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll probably mention it again. The book helps you plan out ’90 days of brilliance’ to help you achieve or work towards achieving your goals. It’s a brilliant motivator. Last week I came […]