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Are you in the zone?

Whilst doing working today I was listening back through some old podcasts and came across a brilliant one about working from home which I had forgotten about. Actually it’s not that old – only from June this year. It’s one of Mind Your Own Business’s and is called Staying in the Zone. It’s a great […]

10 tips for staying motivated when working from home

Below are my top ten tips for keeping yourself motivated if you work from home. They are all things which I try to practice myself, some more successfully than others. I’ve picked the tips up over time from various places – books, seminars, and from the experience of keeping myself motivated. 1. Regular working hours […]

Pros and cons of running a business from home

Running a business from home can be a very satisfying experience, giving you the flexibility to live your life as you wish. However, there is no doubt that there are down sides to the decision to keep your business home-based. The following article is based on our own experiences of running a full-time business from […]

Containing a home-based business

One of the challenges with running a business from home is to stop it from taking over the whole house. This is something that we definitely haven’t achieved yet but have a pretty good excuse in that we’ve been decorating the whole house so have been moving things from room to room. The decorating has […]