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Marketing program

I’ve decided that it’s time for a marketing push. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of the business (at least I find it is) and every now and then I need to remind myself that we need to be getting out there and actively finding new clients. So, I’ve started myself […]

Some time to myself

I found myself getting up at 8.30 this morning thinking that it was going to be 11ish. I guess I haven’t adapted to the lighter mornings yet. It was good to have a head-start on the day. I spent the morning preparing the first draft of the presentation I have to do for my management […]

Goal Setting

Aside from the fact that I’m not much of a football fan, the problem I have with goal seeting is that I just don’t know where to stop. What do I want? Everything When do I want it? Now! So my list of goals just keeps getting longer and longer and I start to feel […]


Just had a real ‘durr!’ moment. I was searching our library catalogue for keyword ‘goals’. Was looking for some books on goal setting, here achieving your goals … that type of thing. What did I find? Pages and pages of books about football. Took me ages to figure out why. I’m obviously not feeling very […]

Start of another 90 days of brilliance

One of my favourite ‘sorting your life out’ books is How to Be Brilliant by Michael Heppell. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll probably mention it again. The book helps you plan out ’90 days of brilliance’ to help you achieve or work towards achieving your goals. It’s a brilliant motivator. Last week I came […]