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A more positive start to the year

When I blogged yesterday I think I was feeling a bit disparaged by what I’d discovered in our finances. It’s certainly not all bad but let’s say there’s definitely room for improvement. I often get frustrated by the feeling that we’re not moving forward – I work incredibly hard but the business can feel like […]

New year, new me?

I suspect not. Still the same Emily, still dreaming of running a successful business and having a comfortable lifestyle. After a month of no blogging I’m back determined to post regularly – I’m not going to promise every day but at least a couple of times a week. We’ve actually been having quite a long […]

Accepting recurring payments

We’re working on an idea for a service which would involve collecting fees from our clients monthly, so I’ve been doing some research into options for accepting recurring payments. My first thought was direct debit but it’s quite a difficult one to get a handle on. My first thought was to try our bank on […]

Not a great start to the week

I had the second instalment of the Managing Your Finances course today. I’m trying hard to think of something positive to say about it but unfortunately I think it may have been a wasted day. I can’t say that I learnt very much at all. That’s not to say that the course was badly taught […]

Wasting my time?

I had a bit of a revelation at the weekend. I worked out what our turnover would be if we both did 4 hours of billable work a day at our standard hourly rate. Bit of a shock because it was around three times what we are actually bringing in. That’s not good is it? […]

Not quite what I was expecting

I was on a course all day on Monday. It was ‘Managing Your Finances’ and what I (and the other course members) were expecting were some practical tips on managing finance in a business context – budgeting, site forecasting, records you need to keep etc. I knew it wasn’t going to be a bookkeeping course […]

A motivated weekend

I’ve got a good dose of motivation this weekend – feeling full of energy and enthusiasm. Maybe not the best thing if I was hoping for a chilled-out relaxed weekend, but great for tackling some business planning. In fact I got up nice and early this morning to have a head-start on it. What am […]

Choosing your business bank account

Choosing which bank to trust your business banking to is a difficult decision for a new business. There are various factors you need to consider when selecting your bank: Past experience Have you had any good or bad experiences of any of the banks in the past? Perhaps you’re really happy with the bank you […]