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Those extra special touches

I found myself doing something last week that I never do. I placed an order with a cold caller. Really, I never ever do that – hate cold calls and never buy anything over the phone (or on the doorstep for that matter). But last week I did. Actually, from the point of view of […]

Stairs, filing cabinets and piles of paper

Yes, that’s right, we’ve got a problem with our filing. The big idea was that we buy a sparkly new filing cabinet for our sparkly new office, and leave the old one at home for home stuff. But can we find somewhere that will deliver a filing cabinet to us and carry it up the […]

A positive experience with BT

The other day I wrote about my frustration at trying to use BT’s automated phone system. To balance that a little I actually had a very positive experience on Friday. We were having some problems with our phone line (or so we thought) so I called the fault line. I got through to somebody very […]

BT: worst automated phone system?

Yesterday I added a new article to the site describing some of our experiences of moving our business into an office. I described some of the problems we’ve encountered with setting up our business phone line with BT. What I find particularly interesting is that a phone company can do such a terrible job at […]

Moving ISP

We’ve tentatively started the process of moving to a different broadband supplier today. We’ve been with Pipex for a very long time but have been getting increasingly dissatisfied with them. The connectivity has been pretty reasonable (apart from a couple of weird blips recently which may be our router or may be them, not sure…) […]

Flurry of emails

Communication by email can be a funny thing sometimes. We send emails off to our clients asking for feedback on a project and after a couple of days we start wondering if they are going to respond. We like to involve our clients throughout the whole web design process and value their input, but it […]