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Feed Forward not Back

I went to a very interesting event in Truro this afternoon. It was run by Enterprising Women which is an organisation for women in business. After a couple of inspirational talks we were taught the Feed Forward technique. Feed Forward is a technique to help you continue to improve – in whatever area you wish […]

That feeling of dread

Why does the thought of doing a presentation fill me with such dread? I know I’m not the only person in the world who’s not keen on public speaking but I wish I felt happier about it. I’ve done heaps of reading and given myself many pep talks but I still seize up at the […]

Fear and networking in Cornwall

We had a less than satisfactory networking experience last night. We went to a seminar/networking event run by one of our local business networks. These events are always pretty good with the seminar bit being really worth going to so we had decided to both attend. Big mistake. We’ve noticed it before but keep trying […]

Still working on being brilliant

I’ve just completed the fourth week of my 90 days of brilliance plan and I’m still hanging in there. I started off by preparing very detailed weekly plans and sticking to them very closely, but that has tailed off somewhat. Instead I’m now setting overall goals for each week, giving myself much more flexibility day-to-day. […]

Pushing past that comfort zone!

I’ve had a couple of days of doing things that stretch my comfort zone. Thursday evening I went to my first book club meeting. I felt quite nervous beforehand because I really didn’t know what to expect, but of course when I got there it was absolutely fine. It turned out that I already knew […]

Confidence boosting link

As my current reading is on the subject of confidence I’ve been doing some looking around for related websites. The BBC has a good secton on improving your confidence, which includes some practical exercises to boost your confidence. Definitely looks like it’s worth spending a bit of time there and seeing what they have to […]

A brilliant week

Yesterday was the end of the first week of my 90 days of brilliance. Ignoring the breaking-down-car incident it was a pretty good week and I’ve come to the end of it with my motivation still nice and high. One of the things that I’m working on is my networking skills and confidence (so expect […]