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Great business forum

Over the last couple of days I’ve joined A1Business Forums. I’m really impressed so far and am gradually getting to know how it works. Every forum seems to have its own personality and the feeling I’m getting from this one so far is that it’s very friendly and accepting – great if you’re a bit […]

Another online networking site

Following on the theme from yesterday, I’ve also joined up on a site called Workology. Looks like it might be an interesting one – social networking but for people who don’t necessarily work regular hours. The reasoning being that you can find people to work with or get work from. Again, I haven’t had much […]

Online networking

I’m trying out a new networking organisation that a friend has recommended to me: 4Networking. It looks like they have groups in quite a few locations around the country and offer levels of membership depending on what you want to do. Unfortunately they don’t have a group in Cornwall yet, which makes going to meetings […]