Stressy stress stress

Posted: 28th February 2009

I think this last week must go down as one of the most stressful I’ve had this year so far. We’ve had one of our bigger projects come to a head this week and I’ve been slogging away at getting it done. Full marks to the client for thorough testing but I did feel at times like I was being bombarded with questions. It didn’t help that we also had a number of meetings to go to, so I was run ragged going to a meeting and then rushing back to keep on top of the project work. Not to mention lots of previously quiet clients suddenly popping up with requests (it’s like they knew I was having a particularly busy week or something).

It goes to show that I still haven’t mastered stress relief. I felt like a gibbering wreck for most of the week. Thank goodness I’ve got my partner to chivvy me along and take up the slack as far as our other projects go, not to mention cook and do the washing up. Where would I be without him? I hope I can return the favour sometime when he has a busy week.

Lots of business planning has arisen from my experiences this week. This particular project ran over time considerably (to the point that I’m scared to look at the timesheet), which means that we will have ended up working for a very low hourly rate – not good at all. We’re reviewing how we approach these types of projects (ecommerce) to put a much more solid system in place. So, something positive will come out of the experience.

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