Still working on being brilliant

Posted: 15th September 2008

I’ve just completed the fourth week of my 90 days of brilliance plan and I’m still hanging in there. I started off by preparing very detailed weekly plans and sticking to them very closely, but that has tailed off somewhat. Instead I’m now setting overall goals for each week, giving myself much more flexibility day-to-day. I’m feeling pretty good after four weeks:

  • We’ve launched our new website and are actively working on expanding it
  • I’m feeling much more confident about networking and as a result more enthusiastic about going to stuff
  • I’ve prepared a 28-day marketing programme and started it (today in fact)
  • We’ve defined our vision for 5-years and are actively working towards it
  • I’m reading on average one book a week
  • I’m signed up for an SQL course which will be starting in a few weeks

It’s all good stuff. Tomorrow will mark the end of the first 30-day plan so it will be time to sketch out what I want to achieve in the next 30 days.

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