Stairs, filing cabinets and piles of paper

Posted: 29th July 2010

Yes, that’s right, we’ve got a problem with our filing. The big idea was that we buy a sparkly new filing cabinet for our sparkly new office, and leave the old one at home for home stuff.

But can we find somewhere that will deliver a filing cabinet to us and carry it up the stairs to our office? Is that really too much to ask? My foolish assumption was that delivery people would be equipt with things such as a stair trolley and would therefore be in a much better position to get the cabinet up the stairs than us. But no, it appears not.

We thought we’d found somewhere that would do it but several weeks after placing the order we were told they couldn’t do it because there was no lift in our building. If we had a lift we wouldn’t need help getting the darn thing up the stairs! So, that order was swiftly cancelled.

It’s now a month since we ordered the filing cabinet, the filing is mounting up, and we’re no nearer a solution. So, my question of the day is – is there anywhere that can sell us a filing cabinet and deliver it up the stairs for us? Or is there an alternative to a filing cabinet? Something that doesn’t involve one hefty piece of furniture? We’re open to suggestions!

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