Social networking etiquette

Posted: 24th September 2008

Today I’ve been trying to figure out what my policy should be as to Facebook friend requests from people I don’t know. I’ve got a couple where the only connection is that they are also friends with one of my ‘friends’. Apart from that I don’t know who they are or why they want to add me to their friends list. I suspect it is for ‘networking’ purposes – the mutual friend is a business networking friend rather than personal.

However, is it a good start to a networking relationship to send an apparently random friendship request with no accompanying note? I would have preferred some sort of hello and why they want to be friends with me – would have started it off on a better footing. Instead I’m left wondering who they are and have had to send a note to them saying ‘erm, do I know you?’. I’m giving them both a week and if I don’t get a reply will have to reject them.

What’s the accepted etiquette of this? Am I being too demanding in wanting a bit more than ‘whodjewhatsit wants to be friends with you’?

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