Why do pyramid schemes make me uncomfortable?

Posted: 11th August 2010

At breakfast yesterday morning one of our regulars gave me some information on a pyramid scheme that she’s getting involved with. Now, she’s someone that I’ve been breakfasting with for several months now so there’s a certain level of trust there. So, why does the idea of signing up to it make me so uncomfortable?

It’s one of those schemes where you get a certain amount of money for what you do and also a cut from anyone that you introduce, and presumably from anyone that they introduce etc. That’s why it’s a pyramid. I don’t know exactly where it came from but I’ve got this ingrained suspicion of this type of scheme. Is it just gut feeling?

I think part of my problem is that I believe that making money can’t be that easy – money is something that you should earn, with hard work. I’m a strong believer in hard work – working hard on my business gives me a sense of achievement.

Am I looking a gift horse in the mouth? Or am I actually being very sensible following my intuition?

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