A more positive start to the year

Posted: 4th January 2009

When I blogged yesterday I think I was feeling a bit disparaged by what I’d discovered in our finances. It’s certainly not all bad but let’s say there’s definitely room for improvement. I often get frustrated by the feeling that we’re not moving forward – I work incredibly hard but the business can feel like it’s just standing still.

However, later on after a bit more thought (and a small glass of whisky which may have helped) my fighting spirit kicked in and I decided that 2009 is going to be the year that we turn things around. So there! I know what I want to achieve and have the beginnings of how I’m going to achieve it, so it’s now just a case of knuckling down and doing it.

I think my motto for the next few months will have to be “don’t be afraid of a bit of hard work”. Is it possible for me to work harder than I was already doing? Let’s see, shall we?

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  1. Nicola says:

    Hi Emily

    Glad to hear you’ve found your fighting spirit again, not easy when the news all around is doom and gloom! Good luck with your plans…here’s to a successful 2009!


    • Emily says:

      Thanks Nicola. Almost lost it again this morning getting up in the dark to a cold house (our heating has broken!) but am working hard at keeping myself motivated.

      Happy New Year, here’s to a good one!
      Cheers, Emily

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