A positive experience with BT

Posted: 25th July 2010

The other day I wrote about my frustration at trying to use BT’s automated phone system. To balance that a little I actually had a very positive experience on Friday. We were having some problems with our phone line (or so we thought) so I called the fault line.

I got through to somebody very quickly – just had to enter my phone number and select one option and then was straight through. And the lady I got through to was brilliant. She went through the problem with me and ran a test on the line. The test came back clear – no problem with our line at all, so it was most likely the equipment. She offered to send me an email with some suggestions as to how to test it myself and agreed a time to phone back to see how I was getting on.

Meanwhile, I discovered that it was something very very silly. Definitely not a problem with the line at all. So when she phoned back at exactly the time we’d agreed I sheepishly explained that everything was fine and it had been my mistake. She was great – very understanding. What a delight to have such a helpful person to talk it through with.

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