Not quite what I was expecting

Posted: 22nd October 2008

I was on a course all day on Monday. It was ‘Managing Your Finances’ and what I (and the other course members) were expecting were some practical tips on managing finance in a business context – budgeting, site forecasting, records you need to keep etc. I knew it wasn’t going to be a bookkeeping course but was expecting an overview of what’s involved with managing business finances.

But no, what the tutor had been briefed to give us was a course on basic numeracy. Hmm. The theory was that you needed the building blocks of basic numeracy to be able to manage your finances, which does make sense. However, I’ve always been pretty strong on maths so it seemed a bit too ‘basic’ for me. We started the day with a 50-question quiz starting with “8 + _ = 0” (with a choice of answers!) and getting very slightly harder as it went along. Let’s just say that I established that I can add, subtract etc.

So, not quite what I was expecting, however the tutor soon picked up on the fact that we were after something a bit more businessy and is going to cover what we want to know next week. Maybe the course organisers need to be more careful about making sure the course description and the tutor’s brief actually agree.

Apart from not feeling like I was learning an awful lot it was a really fun day. The other people on the course were all lovely and there was a really good atmosphere. So, definitely not a wasted day. I’m quite looking forward to the next one.

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