Not a great start to the week

Posted: 27th October 2008

I had the second instalment of the Managing Your Finances course today. I’m trying hard to think of something positive to say about it but unfortunately I think it may have been a wasted day. I can’t say that I learnt very much at all. That’s not to say that the course was badly taught – for what it was I think the tutor did a pretty good job and I got the feeling that some of the people on the course were picking up some good tips. However, it was at completely the wrong level for me. Perhaps I should have checked out more thoroughly what it was about before signing up for it – will definitely do that next time.

The problem was that it was all stuff I knew and carrying on the ‘basic numeracy’ theme from last week I didn’t have much problem doing the sums. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need to be taught how to fill out a cashflow forecast, I can figure that out for myself, what I would have found more useful was an overview of the tools/records that are useful when managing business finances so that I can feel more confident that I’ve got it all covered. Basic bookkeeping I’m fine at, but something about reports I could be generating to help me assess our finances would have been really useful.

I have to admit that I’m also feeling pretty grumpy about the day because we had no heating for half of it and lunch was a fiasco (one veggie sandwich between three vegetarians). Next course I go on I’m taking my own lunch, whether they reckon they’re providing it or not!

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