New-look for Webfooted Designs

Posted: 9th September 2008

I didn’t have a chance to post last night as we were having a big push to launch the new-look website for our web design company. We’re really pleased with our sparkly new site. This is phase one of our revamp – we have lots of exciting new things to add in the coming weeks.

This redesign has been a long time coming for us. As web designers we need to have a top-notch website, but it’s always the last one to get updated. Isn’t that always the way? It’s partly because we always give priority to our clients’ sites, but also because we can find it very painful to work on our own stuff. I think it’s because we’re too close to it so we’re always really critical of everything we do – we’re our own worst clients. In fact this time round we chose to get a graphic designer friend of ours to design the logo for us and we think he did a fantastic job. It really gave a kick-start to the design process.

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