Live to work / work to live

Posted: 17th March 2009

My work/life balance seems to be non-existent this week. Early mornings and late nights are what I seem to be up to. Just forcing myself to stop work for the day. It’s not good to work this late, especially when I was up at 6.30, but I did get one of those jobs done that kept getting pushed to the bottom of the list – so very satisfying. I’m hoping that leaves me with a clear day tomorrow to tackle some other important tasks.

Actually, I’m not usually one for working into the evening. Early mornings, yes, but come 5.30 I’m usually done for the day. I’m just much more of a morning person. But sometimes a bit of extra effort can help a lot – as long as it’s only occasionally. Generally I do like to chill out a bit more in the evenings, keep the stress levels down and all that. We just seem to be so busy at the moment (and jolly pleased I am about it).

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