I’ve broken the rules

Posted: 24th July 2010

I have a confession. I couldn’t even make it through one full week of the new time management system before I felt the need to make changes to it. That’s not playing by the rules is it?

The thing is that I wasn’t feeling comfortable that I was tackling the most important jobs. Yes, I was getting through stuff that needed doing but I had this feeling that I was missing the things that I should be focusing on. The lack of prioritisation just wasn’t sitting right.

So, on Friday morning I split my one list into three – client work, prospects and management (i.e. stuff to do with running the business). Each list was following the system in that there was a backlog and an active list for each. I could then spend the day working through the client list to make sure that I was keeping on top of the paid work. After all making money is what running a business is about isn’t it?

With hindsight splitting it into three lists was overkill – Monday I’m going to combine the client and prospects lists so that I end up with just two lists. I’ll see how I go with that. The idea is that I split my day into blocks – I’ll be happy if I can spend five hours on the client/prospect jobs and three on management tasks. I wonder if I can manage it.

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