Should I care about 118?

Posted: 6th March 2018

Can anyone tell me if I should actually care if our business details are in the 118 directory? I’m pretty sure we don’t get any business from it.

My problem is that every now and then I get a call from them asking to check my details. It’s supposed to be every 12 months but I’ve just had my second call from them within a couple of weeks and it’s so irritating. My work generally needs quite a bit of concentration and I have enough distractions without having to answer these sorts of phone calls.

The poor woman who just phoned me got quite an earful. But she was stubbornly keeping to her script instead of acknowledging that I was trying to say I’d already confirmed my details a couple of weeks ago… At least engage in a human conversation with me!

Should I just see if I can get our business removed from the directory? It’s not like we actively signed up to it in the first place. Will it cause an apocalypse or will it make no difference apart from stopping the phone calls?

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