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Posted: 8th August 2010

Head on over to the Webfooted Designs blog for the first part of our Top 10 tips for making the most of your website article. Second part coming soon!

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  1. Adele Bates says:

    Hi Emily,

    First of all well done! This site is a great resource. I have only just started looking through it but so far it’s been very informative. I came accross your blog through your post on the flyingstartups website.

    Unbelievably I mark my first complete year as Self-Employed this month! And what a year! I still have no idea about so many things, but then a friend who is still in education started asking me questions, and suddenly you realise you do have a slight insight….

    I am a Singer, performer and teacher of the performing arts, so a very different field to yourself, but I am still finding your musings very useful!
    It’s interesting, through becoming self employed I ahve discovered such a gap in the market in terms of the crossover between business and art. The concept of ‘selling myself the singer’ rather than selling my product is massive and must be battled with each day….I have found only one book vaguely close ‘Creatively Self-Employed’ but it does not mention one performing artist (it’s mostly writers, graphic artists and jewellery makers etc), and plus it is written by an American lady, and has that slight need for translation.I’m starting to think that this is an area I should also be tackling with these newly discovered business skills….

    anyway, just wanted to thank you for your site, I have subscribed to the feeder thing so look forward to keeping updated.

    I am now trying to be inspired for how to organise my contact systems….I meet people nearly everyday who could be useful one day, they need to be organised and re-contacted regularly I think, but my box of notes isn’t quite hitting the mark at the mo…

    Thanks again,
    and best of luck with all your pursuits:)


  2. garage says:

    This is quite an informative and helpful article for developing a website. I have a couple of business websites but they are missing most of he features. I am gonna modify them soon according the suggestions mentioned in this article. Thanks for the share!

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