Feed Forward not Back

Posted: 4th August 2010

I went to a very interesting event in Truro this afternoon. It was run by Enterprising Women which is an organisation for women in business. After a couple of inspirational talks we were taught the Feed Forward technique.

Feed Forward is a technique to help you continue to improve – in whatever area you wish to improve. It’s actually very simple. Instead of asking for feedback on something you’ve done (and let’s face it asking for feedback isn’t always the easiest thing in the world), you think of something that you would like to improve and then ask people for suggestions. That’s pretty straightforward isn’t it?

We spent 45 minutes or so going round the room asking each other for suggestions on a particular subject. The idea was that we didn’t give loads of detail or enter into a discussion about it, we just said what we would like to improve in and everyone gave two suggestions. It was very interesting how everyone interpreted it slightly differently and gave completely different advice. I ended up with quite a list to consider.

So, I came away from the afternoon with a new technique and having met a load of new people. Good stuff!

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