How do you divide your work time?

Posted: 23rd September 2008

How does everyone divide their time between working directly on client stuff and business development? It’s a constant battle for me. If we’re really busy then the business gets pushed to one side and all my focus goes on client projects. But it’s important to work on the business too, isn’t it? Need to make sure that our own site is kept up-to-date (even more important now that we’ve launced the redesign!), that we’re actively working on attracting new clients, and that we keep on top of the endless admin.

I guess it all comes down to time management in the end. Organising yourself so that you know that you are keeping up with the important stuff. It’s not easy though. And stupidly I can feel guilty if I’m working on our site as if it’s not ‘real work’ and I should be doing something else. That’s silly isn’t it?

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