Day 1 of Autofocus V. 4

Posted: 19th July 2010

Would it be terrible of me to admit that I’ve been really enjoying trying out the Autofocus time management system? Maybe I should get out more… Last night I set it up at home and this morning I started putting it into practice at work.

I really like the methodical approach – I haven’t been wasting time trying to work out which of my many projects and tasks I should be working on next, instead I could just work through the list in order skipping anything that I didn’t have the resources at hand to tackle straight away.

So far I think this is the most valuable instruction: “Delete each task when you feel you have worked on it for long enough, and re-enter it at the end of the Active List if you need to do more work on it”. This meant that I could happily do some work on a project without feeling like I had to completely finish it – once I’d had enough I could cross it off and add it to the end of the list to come back to. Working on this basis I’ve made progress on some jobs today which have been sitting waiting for my attention for quite some time.

So, after the first 24 hours of using the system I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve been happily crossing things off all day and will be able to get straight back into it tomorrow. And of course I get to continue putting it into practice this evening with my home list.

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