Continuing professional development … but what?

Posted: 25th April 2009

Following the web conference yesterday, I’m all fired up for working on my continuing professional development. But there’s so much that I could cover, what should I concentrate on? Should I concentrate on the business side of things and do some reading up on how to improve the business, or should I focus on my web design skills? My problem is that I want to do everything all at once. How do I get the right balance between the two main areas of what I do?

Here are a couple of options:

  1. I could make a list of everything I want to learn and prioritise it, concentrating on one thing at a time
  2. I could alternate between the two – read a book on web design, followed by a book on business, followed by web design etc.

One thing that I know is that I find it very difficult to stay focused on one thing for very long – not because of a lack of interest, but because there are always other things fighting for my attention. I might try the second approach and see if I can keep some kind of log of what I learn so that I don’t lose track because of too much chopping and changing. Do you think I can manage an hour of reading a day? I can but try. Hopefully I’ll start having a few things to review on here again.

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