Containing a home-based business

Posted: 23rd July 2008

One of the challenges with running a business from home is to stop it from taking over the whole house. This is something that we definitely haven’t achieved yet but have a pretty good excuse in that we’ve been decorating the whole house so have been moving things from room to room. The decorating has been a long and arduous process (for my partner more than me as it has been him doing the hard work). We moved into our house two and a half years ago and it has needed a lot of work. The good news is that, aside from a few finishing touches, and the decorating is now done and we’re finally able to get the house in order.

The getting in order took the form of moving me back into my office at the weekend (had been working in the dining room for a few months). It’s absolute bliss to be back in a proper office – it means that I can have everything I need to hand but also get away from it if I need to (instead of having the computer stare at me if I sit down to watch a DVD in the evening).

My new cupboardA lot of the business stuff is still in boxes in the middle of the sitting room floor (yikes) but by the end of this weekend I will have sorted all that out (I will, I will). What is going to help with this is my brand new cupboard which was delivered today. Very exciting. That should keep some of the paraphernalia under control!

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