Buying local produce

Posted: 2nd August 2010

One of the things that I like about living in Cornwall is the fantastic local produce. There’s something really satisfying about buying local produce and knowing that it has literally come from just down the road. People in Cornwall do like to support their local businesses. This is something that I hadn’t particularly come across where we lived in Oxfordshire before. Is it the same in other parts of the country?

There’s a farm just down the road from us that has a veg bench – a bench where they lay out the seasonal vegetables and you can go along and help yourself, leaving payment in a jar. I love it. On Saturday, with the idea of slowness in mind, I walked down the road in a leisurely manner to buy some veg for the week. It was a beautiful morning.

While I was selecting my veg (potatoes, celery, leeks and cabbage this week), the farmer came out of his cottage to say good morning. He asked for some feedback about why I bought my veg there. What a brilliant opportunity to let the farmer know how much I appreciated being able to buy directly from him and to say how much I loved the veg.

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