Bureaucracy gone bonkers

Posted: 8th August 2008

I went to a seminar last night. It was on intellectual property and ecommerce law. Very useful stuff, if a bit dry and powerpointy. The most memorable thing about the evening though (apart from the crunchy chocolatey thing in the buffet) was the form filling.

It was a 2 hour seminar but preceded by 30 minutes of form filling. What’s that all about? Not the fault of the organisation that was running the seminar. It’s because they had got funding for the training so had all sorts of things to comply with. There were four forms and had to be explained step by step because you needed to know the right code to put in each box! It was painful to say the least.

Now who on earth dreamt that up? Is it somebody’s job to devise this kind of thing? I guess it must be. Do you think they’re amusing themselves by seeing how many different forms they can force innocent people to fill in?

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