Write a Business Book and Create an Authority Platform

Write a Business Book
Title: Write a Business Book and Create an Authority Platform
Author: Gail Powell, Diane Hall
Date Reviewed: 1st August 2013
7 out of 10
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This is a very apt follow on from the last book. I mentioned in my last review that we have the potential problem that our earnings are tied to the hours we work. Write a Business Book and Create an Authority Platform could be one approach to solving this problem.

The idea is that you write a business book on your specialist subject, demonstrating that you are an expert in your field, and using this as a means to increase your earning potential. It’s a very interesting and well-argued concept, and one that I hadn’t seriously considered before. But it of course makes complete sense.

I wasn’t hooked the whole way through the book. Although I appreciated the overall message I didn’t find the execution completely to my taste. Some of it was a little clumsy. For example the introduction starts with “The fact that you’ve taken the decision to read this book demonstrates that something in the book title, or the chapter headings within the book, have caught your attention.” Hmmm, the table of contents reads “Introduction, Question One, Question Two … etc”. Nope, the chapter headings definitely haven’t caught my attention. There is a section where the importance of good editing is extremely important, and I have to say I’m very pedantic about such things – sadly, this book would benefit from another round of proofreading. And maybe a little more structure to how it’s laid out, particularly with clear and meaningful headings. But that’s just me, I thrive on structure.

The other thing that I struggled a little with is that the book is blatantly an advert for their services. I get that the authors have written it to prove their expertise with a view to attracting clients, but they don’t have to be quite so obvious about it. I have an aversion to being sold to (and I know I’m not the only one) and this definitely feels like I’m being sold to, to the extent that doesn’t quite feel right in a publication that you pay money for. Personally I would prefer it if they took out the selling stuff and stuck to explaining the idea, and then simply put a sentence at the end ‘to find out about our writing programme please see…’ – trust me, I would have looked!

And why would I have looked? Because despite my quibbles, by the end of the book I was completely inspired. I have completely bought into the idea of writing a business book and am seriously thinking about it. I can definitely see how it could work for me. And it isn’t just successful in that message. The authors also make a really good case for concentrating on a niche market (I think that’s the best explanation of that I’ve come across) and for describing what you do in a way which will engage people. So, even if you don’t want to write a book there is still some excellent stuff in there.

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  1. Emily says:

    I have had the opportunity to read a revised copy of this book, which I’m pleased to say has addressed some of my gripes.

    There is now a much more descriptive contents page so you can see what the book contains and navigate through it much more easily.

    More importantly, they have toned down the selling aspect of it. Reading through the book again I felt much less like I was being sold at but was still aware of the services they offer. A much more comfortable approach for me.

    Overall I think the book flows well, contains some very useful advice, and has moments of being really quite inspiring. I haven’t started writing my own business book yet, but this has definitely sown the seed of an idea for me.

    I would now give the book a rating of 9 out of 10.

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