What’s Stopping You?

What's Stopping You?
Title: What’s Stopping You?
Author: Robert Kelsey
Date Reviewed: 15th August 2011
8 out of 10
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What an interesting book! And what a refreshing change to read a book that doesn’t say “follow these steps and it will change your life” but instead gives an overview of techniques from various sources.

The idea that Robert Kelsey puts forward is that self-help books are flawed because they offer a quick fix when there is no such thing as a quick fix. BUT that they are not worthless – the techniques they use can help you improve if used in the right way. What a refreshing concept and one that makes me think that it’s ok that I haven’t turned into superwoman, despite all the self-help books I’ve read. There’s hope for me yet, but maybe setting a goal of becoming superwoman isn’t the right goal for me…

The premise of the book is that people are split between High AMs (achievement motivation) and High FFs (fear of failure). The author explains why he is a High FF and the book is aimed at other High FFs (because High AMs don’t need it). This is something that I struggle with as it means that I must have a high fear of failure – not sure that I’m willing to accept that label but let’s not dwell on that. Whether I want to put myself in that bracket or not, the book is extremely engaging and applicable to anyone who is interested in self-improvement.

What did I particularly like about this book?

  • The personal detail – the author uses his own experiences to provide examples – it’s worth reading just for that
  • The idea that no one self-help book will have all the answers (I can’t help it, I’m going to use the word ‘refreshing’ again)
  • The intelligent commentary on self-help techniques – all with citations. What a comprehensive coverage. Some of the books cited I have read and some I now want to read (or read again)

What’s Stopping You? definitely provides food for thought. I haven’t put it down thinking “this is what I need to do to achieve my goals”, but it’s not as easy as that is it? However, I feel that with a more considered reading I will be able to form a solid plan. There is no doubt that this is a book I will come back to time and time again.

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