The Total De-Stress Plan

The Total De-Stress Plan
Title: The Total De-Stress Plan
Author: Beth MacEoin
Date Reviewed: 14th September 2008
8 out of 10
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We all need a bit of stress-relief at times. Running a business can definitely take it out of you. The Total De-stress Plan by Beth MacEoin is a great overview of the subject. After giving an introduction to stress and the effects it can have, the author takes each different area you can work on in turn, talking through the options and providing a complete plan to follow.

She covers relaxation, covering the different techniques you can use and making your workplace and home much more amenable to it; diet and how you can reduce stress by eating sensibly; exercise, giving details of different types of exercise that are particularly good for stress-relief (i.e. yoga); and pampering, treating yourself well to aid relaxation.

The final chapter gives some ‘fast-track alternative solutions to stress-related problems’ if you have particular issues you want to deal with more quickly.

The book is a very comprehensive coverage of the subject of stress-relief. I’ve come away from it with a list of things that I can put into practice straight away and a few things that I plan to read up on further. I particularly like the idea of making my home and office a more relaxing place and will be following up on this in the coming weeks.

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