The Need for Change

The Need for Change
Title: The Need for Change
Author: Stuart Corrigan
Date Reviewed: 6th November 2012
5 out of 10
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The Need for Change is a short book (just 80 pages) outlining how change can improve customer service, reduce costs and improve performance.

I’ve been struggling to decide what to say about the book. I think this is because my feelings are somewhat ambivalent towards it. I don’t particularly dislike the book – there’s a lot of good in it, it’s not a difficult read, and the examples used are quite interesting. I think the problem is that despite that it just didn’t grab me. Because of that’s it’s taken me a ridiculously long time to get through it, despite its length. Maybe it’s that the examples led me to see how the concepts could be applied to large organisations with detailed systems, but I struggled to see how to apply it to my own small business. So, even though I could step back and say ‘there are some good points here’, I felt too distanced from it to get enthused.

In conclusion, I would say it’s worth a read if it lands in your lap but I wouldn’t rush out to get a copy.

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