The Innovation Book

The Innovation Book
Title: The Innovation Book
Author: Max McKeown
Date Reviewed: 31st October 2014
2 out of 10
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I found this book a challenge, and unfortunately not in a good way. I was expecting a book about innovation to be inspiring and to help me look at things differently. Unfortunately, I have to say that I found it pretty incomprehensible.

What’s it about? Well it’s about innovation because the title says so. The blurb on the back says “The Innovation Book is your roadmap to creating powerful innovations that deliver success in a competitive world”. OK … um, I’m afraid it’s not my roadmap.

I feel pretty stupid but I just didn’t understand it. I did find the examples of innovation given at the beginning of each chapter very interesting. Maybe I should work through it again just reading those bits because in themselves they could inspire ideas. But as soon as I got into the main bit of the chapter my brain would go numb. I could literally get to the end of a paragraph and have no idea what I’d just read. That makes reviewing the book in a balanced way very difficult, as I can’t say that I really have a clue what I’ve been reading.

I think the problem for me is that it’s talking at a very high theoretical level. Too high for me, I probably need a dumbed down version to ease me into the concepts more. Though I’m sure you don’t really have to dumb down a subject to make it accessible.

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