The Confidence Plan

The Confidence Plan
Title: The Confidence Plan
Author: Sarah Litvinoff
Date Reviewed: 7th September 2008
9 out of 10
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Continuing with the theme of confidence-building my latest book is The Confidence Plan by Sarah Litvinoff. Now this is just the sort of thing I like – step-by-step practical advice with tasks to get you actively following it. The book is very readable with lots of case studies to inspire you.

I was immediately absorbed by it and made the mistake of starting it without a pen and paper to hand and then found myself champing at the bit to start writing my thoughts down. Now that’s a sign of a good book! I was impressed with how it started with laying the groundworks – encouraging you to start taking the smallest actions as taking action in itself can help build your confidence. The chapter on increasing your energy was also an eye-opener. The idea of dealing with the energy drains in your life – things that might seem insignificant but that drain a little bit of energy every time you notice them (like my leaving things piled up on the sofa – if I just tidied them away I’d feel so much better). Brilliant!

To be honest quite a bit of it is stuff that I’ve read elsewhere but in a ‘getting things done’ or ‘improving your effectiveness’ kind of way. Applying it to building my confidence was an interesting take. And of course the more times you read something the more it reinforces it in your mind. If you feel like you could do with working on your confidence I would highly recommend reading this book.

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