The Communication Book

The Communication Book
Title: The Communication Book
Author: Emma Ledden
Date Reviewed: 19th November 2014
10 out of 10
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The Communication Book by Emma Ledden describes itself as “your straightforward, practical and expert guide to the secrets of great communication for all the important scenarios you face in business today”. It is just that – straightforward, practical and I had confidence in the expertise of the author.

She takes you through a three-step process which can be applied to many scenarios and gives practical examples of it in use. I say ‘many scenarios’ rather an ‘all scenarios’ as I can only really see it being used for situations that you can prepare for (preparation being key to the process) – it’s not something that you apply to completely unexpected situations. I can for example seeing myself using the process for networking (one of examples used in the book) and for business meetings.

The Communication Book is exactly what I look for in a business book:

  • an enjoyable read
  • easy to understand
  • practical
  • can immediately be applied to my business

It was an easy, enjoyable read – I didn’t feel like I already needed to be an expert in the subject to understand it. However, that doesn’t mean that it was dumbing down, I definitely felt like I learnt something from the book. I liked the way that the same three-step process was applied throughout the book, which reinforced it and showed how it could be used in different situations. The author’s personality came through, which made me feel like she was advising me directly and helped me engage in the subject.

A great book, which gives you instantly usable techniques without being a drain on time.

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