The 12 Week Year

The 12 Week Year
Title: The 12 Week Year
Author: Brian P Moran
Date Reviewed: 8th May 2020
10 out of 10
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Sometimes a book comes along that has a big impact on how you do things. Profit First was one of these for me, I’m still using a (slightly adapted) profit first system for both my business and personal finances and it really helps me manage my cash flow.

The 12 Week Year is another book which is really changing how I go about things. The very persuasive argument that the author, Brian P Moran, sets out is that if you set a goal for a normal 12 month year it’s really difficult to achieve it – you can’t plan your actions accurately for a whole year at a time and you don’t have a strong enough sense of urgency if your target date is still months away.

I know I suffer from this. I’ll start out the beginning of the year with ambitious plans for what I’m going to achieve, but a few weeks in and I’ve lost sight of what I was aiming for. It’s very difficult to maintain focus on a goal for that amount of time without being distracted by some other sparkly thing that catches your eye.

The 12 Week Year instead sets out a system for planning just 12 weeks at a time. So you set your goal (or goals) for what you would like to achieve in 12 weeks and plan around that. The result is that it’s much easier to maintain momentum as you work towards your goal. The end date is never so far away that you lose sight of it.

What I love about the 12 Week Year is that it helps you put systems in place for planning week by week and tracking your progress with a points system. It really helps you create your own accountability.

If you having trouble working consistently towards your goals and need a fresh way of looking at goal setting (which is where I was when I picked this book up) then I highly recommend that you givce The 12 Week Year a go.

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