Super Structured

Super Structured
Title: Super Structured
Author: David Steirnholm
Date Reviewed: 1st January 2017
10 out of 10
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Now, this is a book to get excited about. The title “Super Structured” caught my attention straight away and with a sub title of “how to overcome chaos and win back time” how could I possibly resist?

I think this book might have been written for me, it’s perfect. It’s a step-by-step 31 day plan to give you structure in your working life. Each day you have a task to complete which takes you a step closer to being in control of your task list and working more effectively. For example on Day 2 you make a list of everything you can think of that you need to do and choose your tool for keeping all your to-do tasks. This is a great first step as it helps clear your head and get everything down on paper so that you can start to deal with it.

I had great fun working through the 31 days and feel like I’ve got a lot out of it. Some of the systems David recommends I already had in place (like a tickler file – Day 30) but some of them are new additions to my productivity systems (like an emergency checklist for when I’m feeling overwhelmed – Day 13).

The book is predominantly aimed at improving your working life, but I would say that it can be equally applied to your home life if you feel that you would benefit from some more structure there. Having worked through it once with work in mind I’m very tempted to have another go at home – might help keep the ever growing pile of paperwork in check.

Super Structured is due to be published on the 28th February – follow the link to Amazon below to pre-order your copy today. You won’t regret it!

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