The Strengths-Focused Guide to Leadership

The Strengths-Focused Guide to Leadership
Title: The Strengths-Focused Guide to Leadership
Author: Mike Roarty, Kathy Toogood
Date Reviewed: 23rd February 2015
8 out of 10
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The Strengths-Focused Guide to Leadership is all about how you can focus on strengths (your own and your team’s) to get better results. What I found very interesting was the definintion of a strength – it’s something you’re good at and something that you enjoy and energises you. This sparked my interest because I tend to think of a strength as something that you’re good at, not necessarily the enjoyment bit. In fact the authors argue that it’s not a strength if you’re good at it but you don’t enjoy it. And what’s more, a weakness could be a strength that you overuse. Interesting stuff.

I found the book well-structured with lots of detail making it clear how to put it into practice. And it’s equally applicable to small and large businesses. There are sections which apply the system to working with teams and recruiting employees etc, which might lead you to think that it’s more suited to working in a larger business with a team of people. However you could focus on the section about identifying your own strengths. Just that one section is worth getting the book for – I felt that I learnt a lot from that. And I can see how I could apply it to my very small team of two – I don’t need a whole department of people to make it applicable.

What did bring the book down for me was that it wasn’t the easiest read. There are two things I noted:

  1. The size of the print was uncomfortably small for me – I should probably have gone for an ebook rather than hard copy so that I could control the size of the font. This of course is down to the publisher and not the authors, but did contribute to the experience of reading the book.
  2. In some ways I appreciated the amount of detail as it helped reinforce the message, however it could have gone too far and at times with the result that it felt quite repetitive. Maybe if the book was edited down more its overall readability would have been improved (and maybe would have allowed for larger print).

But having said that, my feeling about the book is on the whole positive. The premise is very interesting and definitely made me think differently about how I approach things. Even if I don’t end up following their system to the letter, I’m sure that I will put some of it into practise.

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