Project Management for Dummies

Project Management For Dummies
Title: Project Management for Dummies
Author: Stanley E Portny
Date Reviewed: 12th August 2008
1 out of 10
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OK, I admit defeat. I started Project Management for Dummies a couple of weeks ago and have so far managed a pathetic 80 pages. When reading becomes this much of a chore it’s time to give up so that’s what I’m doing. I thought ‘for Dummies’ books were supposed to be easy-going. Well I’m certainly not finding that with this one.

Part of the problem is that it’s obviously aimed at someone working in a large organisation but I’m not lacking in imagination so much that I can’t apply the examples to our small-scale setup. For example, I can easily substitute ‘go and see a solicitor’ for ‘consult the legal department’. However, I still don’t feel like I’ve been getting much benefit from it. It annoyingly combines a considerable amount of detail with very little in the way of practical examples, so half the time I don’t have a clue what the author is going on about.

Do I sound too harsh or just incredibly whingey? Either way the book will be winging it’s way back to the library tomorrow and I’ll be on to something (hopefully) more enjoyable.

Anyone know any good project management books?? Suggestions gratefully received, especially if they take into account that not everyone works in a large multi-department organisation. Even projects run by a two-man band such as us need some form of management.

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