Preparing a Winning Business Plan

Preparing a Winning Business Plan
Title: Preparing a Winning Business Plan
Author: Matthew Record
Date Reviewed: 8th February 2009
7 out of 10
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Preparing a Winning Business Plan: How to Win the Attention of Investors and Stakeholders by Matthew Record isn’t going to go on my list of ‘inspirational’ business books but it is crammed full of highly practical information. If you are about to go through the process of writing a business plan then you wouldn’t go far wrong in using this book as a guide. It’s not a read from cover-to-cover book, it’s a bit too dry for that, but it is a good choice for dipping into for specific information.

The book takes you step-by-step through the different sections of a business plan, explaining the information you need to compile and giving information about using resources. Each chapter also includes scenarios of different people setting up in business, which helps lift the dryness of the book a bit. However, I did feel that they could have been a bit more directly related to the subject matter of the chapter just covered to see how the advice could be practically applied.

The copy I have is the fourth edition, published in 2003, and it is therefore surprising that resources mentioned give postal addresses but not website details. If there is a more recent edition available I would hope that this has been rectified.

Overall a good information resource to have on your bookshelf but not a book to dip into when your motivation needs a lift.

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